Week 8

This week I finished my music video project titled “fatpip”. Also I began working on another music video project and will be discussing that as well. Since this is the last blog I will discuss what these 8 weeks have been like in this class.


This is a video titled “Fatpip” that I did for a friend of mine. He had written a book and wanted a visual for the first chapter so I decided to take the project on. The idea was to make almost like a lyric video and instead of video we used still images except for one clip. This particular edit was very tedious and time consuming given the footage. It should have been completed much earlier but due to scheduling conflicts and technical difficulties we had setbacks. I had to edit the video three different times to get things in order. Ultimately things worked out and my client enjoyed the final cut.

I recently began working another music video project for someone. This time there was video instead of stills. We filmed over a two-day span of a few weeks apart and we are in post-production now. I will be posting a rough cut of the video, sometime this week.

These eight weeks were right on time for me. I was losing interest in film and wanted to refresh some things that I’ve learned before. I’m glad I was able to take this class and learn more about the editing process. But I also learned more about camera work as well. From all the documentaries and tutorials I viewed there were a few that definitely stood out to me.


This movie was a classic but the making of was the same as well. Very sharp detail and an in-depth look to one of the greatest movies of all time. I think that everyone should see this film regardless of generation.

Here is another classic that I just recently got a chance to view and I keep going back to it over and over. A very special film with unbelievable cinematography. I definitely recommend this one to anyone who enjoys sci-fi or great film in general.

Another fun project to work on was the stop motion with still images. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be, you just have to take the right pictures and put them in sequence with one another.

Overall, I really enjoyed this class and got a lot out of it. There were a few things editing wise that I wanted to brush up on and I did just that. Also I worked a lot in After Effects and I pretty much got the hang of it. It can be very tedious but it compliments any edit very well. I look forward to applying what I learned during these eight weeks in the future. I have a few projects scheduled for this spring/summer and I will post information about those as I get closer to the projects.



This week I finished up my music video project and will be showing the final edit next week. I also began filming another music video this week as well and will edit that shortly. I also watched 2001 a space odyssey for the first time and will be talking about that as well. Lastly, I did another stop motion edit and will explain that process.

making of space odyssey

I thought this movie was incredible. Directed by Stanley Kubrick this film is definitely a classic. What was remarkable to me was the cinematography and shot composition as well as the acting. Another thing that stood out to me was the score of the film. It seemed to compliment the shots very well, drawing you in closer to the film. I’m now going to put this film into one of my favorites and a must see.

The other music video that I worked on was from one of my coworkers. He wanted to film a video for a friend’s birthday party. I knew that a potential music video was in the works but didn’t know when. I got the phone call the day of saying they wanted to shoot, so I did it. The shoot went really well and I learned a lot. We were at a trail and of course there were a lot of woods around us. It all worked out because I was able to get a lot of good shots. I plan on editing this video this upcoming week.

Stop motion

Here is the second stop motion edit that I did. I wasn’t sure what effect to go for so I just went with an apple, pretty simple. However, it was a hassle getting the right stills that I wanted. I couldn’t get the correct lighting so that my dslr would take the photo and I had to make a few adjustments before I could things going. It was weird because I put my camera on sticks and it wouldn’t take at all but once I handheld the camera it took the picture just fine. Therefore, if you notice the stills are a little off in frame that’s because I had to hold the camera to get the right lighting. But after editing it and seeing it, I really like stop motion and will use it more in the future.

I finally finished the music video project that I had been working on for probably about 8 weeks now (give or take) and I’m glad we were able to complete it before the month was over. This particular edit was tedious and time consuming because my premiere kept crashing and wouldn’t save my edits. I had to edit this at least three different times from start to finish to get it right. At times it was very frustrating and I almost gave up on editing this project due to the many failures and setbacks. But ultimately I liked the edit and will be posting it in next week’s blog.

week 6

This week I worked on a stop motion assignment as well as viewing a few more documentaries. Also I continued my edit of the music video project that I’m working on. The finished product is just around the corner and I will be posting an edit of that soon. In addition to that I viewed some interesting tutorials on after effects. But since I was working on other projects this week I didn’t get a chance to work in after effects too much.

Stop Motion

For this assignment I did three different stop motion effects. The first was a spelling of my first name. The second being me sitting in a chair and third a water jug. For this effect I put the still frame settings on two frames. Then I simply cut the different stills together to make a stop motion effect. Also I did a little bit of color grading but it was subtle.

I enjoyed doing this project along with the ghosts and clones assignment from last week. They were both different and out of the ordinary from what I normally edit, so it was fun.

Infinite tunnel loop

Here is a video of an after effects tutorial that I watched. This was pretty interesting and it wasn’t as complex as I thought it would be. There wasn’t a whole lot of layering but the process seemed a little tedious but I’m gonna try to recreate this tutorial soon.

Attaching objects tutorials

Here is another tutorial that I really enjoyed as well. Once again this isn’t as complex as I thought and the layers for this effect are a lot less than I imagined.

making of fast and furious

This is the making of the first fast and furious movie, directed by Rob Cohen. Here is a fast and furious movie without all of the CGI involved. What I didn’t know was the movie was initally named Redline. The film was shot in Los Angeles and so they decided that in order to bring more color to the movie was to make the cars the center of attention. I always wondered how the actors were able to drive so fast and act while being filmed. But after viewing this I see that they are really being driven by stunt drivers. Which makes more sense and it would be a lot safer. Also, the actors had to take racing classes to gain more experience. The Special effects for this movie were incredible. Like I stated before less CGI and more rigs. Basically, all of the movements with the cars had some kind of special effect to them that was added for the film.

Next week I’m looking forward to getting closer to finishing the music video project. Also I’m looking to get back to work in after effects. I’ve been watching some tutorials and I’m ready to recreate a few of them. Also there are a lot of things I’m learning about in Premiere that I wasn’t aware of and I’m ready to apply them in future edits.


week 5

During this week I worked on a ghosts and clones assignment along with viewing a few behind the scenes of some the most popular movies of all time. I will be discussing the process of the assignment and my analysis of the films I watched.

Ghosts and clones

This effect was pretty easy to do. I basically put the camera on sticks (table) and recorded two chairs for about ten seconds. Then I recorded myself sitting on each side for the same amount of time. Then while editing I stacked the clips of myself on top of the clip of the two chairs and cropped the top layer to create a clone effect. Next I put a keyframe on the middle layer and brought down the opacity slowly to give a ghost effect.

the making of jaws

I viewed the bts of this 1975 super box office hit “Jaws’. I learned a lot about this film that I didn’t know. The director of the film Steven Spielberg had trouble casting the actors for this and ended up meeting the lead actor Roy Scheider at a party. Also they ended quadrupling the budget and going over the shoot days by a few months. Part of that was because of the mechanical shark that was created for the film kept malfunctioning. Spielberg even feared that this would be his last film made due to the difficulties. Ultimately the film was released and went on to becoming one of the highest grossing films of all time.

Close Encounters of the third kind

The next film I decided to watch was Close Encounters of the third kind, directed by Steven Spielberg. This was Spielberg’s follow up to the successful box office hit “Jaws”. This is a film that I have not seen yet but the ‘making of’ was very informative. Once again Spielberg had trouble casting the actors that he wanted and had to make adjustments. However, he was able to land the lead actor Richard Dreyfuss who was also cast in his previous film Jaws. I liked how they used makeup and wardrobe to create the aliens. They ended up using little girls to play the ET’s instead of the initial characters which were orangutans. Ironically Spielberg noted that he wanted to go away from the aliens appearing human-like but when he realized the animals just weren’t going to work he resorted back to humans.  The movie’s editor Michael Kahn stated it was the first special effects movie he had ever done. Spielberg also stated that he had to add six scenes to the film because he felt it didn’t have enough mystery. The film went on to be a box office hit, grossing over 300 million dollars.

This week I learned quite a bit from the documentaries that I viewed and the ghosts and clones assignment. Currently, I’m still working on my music video project and should be finished by the end of this month. I will soon be posting an edit of that video.


week 4

This week I focused more of my attention on premiere, continuing my edit for the music video project. I watched a few tutorials on color correction as well as color grading. In addition I watched the making of Avatar the movie. The following information are short descriptions of what I worked on or viewed throughout the week.

The Making of Avatar

Here is a clip of the making of  Avatar the movie. I found it very fascinating how they were able to get this movie made and all that went into it. The director James Cameron began writing the script in the 90’s and wanted to get it filmed right after Titanic released. However the project was put on hold due to a need for technology that would be proper for the movie’s story. Interestingly enough I’ve never seen the actual Avatar movie but because the behind the scenes were so good, I will recommend anyone to watch.

Music Video Project Stills




These stills were taken for the music video project that I’m currently working on. I was able to get some pretty good shots and implemented them (the good ones) into the video . The theme of this video is a guy getting ready to attend his grandmother’s funeral but is struggling with the reality of the upcoming events. I really like the effects that I’ve used so far. One of which was mentioned last week was an ocean effect that consisted of making a still photo into a real life flowing ocean. I was pleased to see that it came out looking realistic. As of right now I am about seventy percent done with the project. I will more than likely have a first cut completed this upcoming week.

Color grade tutorial

Here is a quick tutorial on color grading that I found to be very useful. The use of the Lumetri color correction effect was interesting due to the luts that were used for a cinematic look. I noticed that most of the luts used are third party plugins and so you won’t be able to use them if they aren’t downloaded. Nonetheless it was a really good edit. Another aspect of Lumetri I find intriguing are the use of color wheels. I sometimes use them for my color correction but I’m not too familiar with the many different color wheels Lumetri has to offer.

This week I look to watch some more tutorials for premiere to add some effects to my project. Also I may view a few films on filmmaking and editing particularly ones similar to Cutting Edge. That movie was very inspiring and I would like to watch some more films alike. Of course I will continue to learn After effects as I wasn’t able to work too much in it this week due to my time spent editing in premiere. However, I will be needing to go back into after effects to finish up a few more effects as well as titles and texts.

Week 3

This week I picked up where I left off from the previous one with viewing more tutorials. I utilized mostly Adobe premiere pro this week but I also incorporated after effects. In addition, I watched an interesting documentary called The Cutting Edge which was mainly about editing and it’s history. Also, I  worked on a music video project for someone and I will be discussing what that process has been like so far.

The Cutting Edge

This is a great documentary about film-making and editing. I highly recommend it to anyone even if you’re not apart of any film productions or anything. This film talks about the evolution of editing and the changes that were made as decades passed. What stood out to me the most was when they would really examine the editing process and the mindset of the editors during post production. Another thing that I found interesting was Walter Murch’s technique of standing up while he edits a film, for movement purposes. Also a key factor that I wasn’t aware of were frame rates. While discussing the movie Jaws, director Steven Spielberg spoke about the difference in frames and how important they were for the movie. There was of course a huge shark that was created for the film but it only looked realistic in 36 frames and not 38 frames.

Battleship Potemkin odessa step sequence

I must discuss this editing sequence from Battle Potemkin that was mentioned in The cutting edge. It was a very entertaining sequence that started with a wide shot of the civilians running down the steps frantically. Moments later you see close ups of bodies dropping at a fast rate after being caught in a crossfire. After that, you see many different cuts which made this massacre seem endless. This was definitely one of the most fascinating cuts I have seen.

Currently, I am working on a music video project and so far it’s going pretty good. Most of the main editing is coming from adobe premiere pro and a bit of after effects. This project was presented to me as a visual for a manuscript that was already written. The author wanted me to create a music video with still photos as opposed to video footage. Basically, the story is of a guy who is dealing with alcoholism and is struggling with the passing of his grandmother. The sequence shows where he’s at in his life as he prepares to attend her funeral. So far this project is going pretty well and its still a work in progress. I look forward to completing this one in the near future.

This week, I continued to work in after effects but much less than last week. I focused mainly on premiere as I was working on that music project. I learned a little more about how the after effects operates and it’s starting to open up for me now. I didn’t get a chance to watch all the tutorials and videos but I saw most of them. Next week I will continue to learn and season my editing in after effects.

ripple effect

After effects

This week I just started really diving into after effects for the first time in awhile so I started doing a few projects. This was a bit of an adjustment coming from editing strictly with Premiere Pro. I watched quite a few tutorials; some were advanced but most were basic. So I picked the ones I felt I could work on and get some experience with the software. The following information will be me explaining the tutorials that I viewed and attempted to recreate into my own design. Some were a success and others were not but I will show you the failed tutorials anyway. Many of these were done on one attempt, as I was trying to do many different designs and effects within a week’s time.

Motion Graphics Liquid text

This particular tutorial that I attempted was pretty fun to work on.  The process was tedious with a lot of layering and masking. To get the liquid effect you had to use turbulent displace which was pretty cool in my opinion. I would say the difficult part was duplicating the layers and making subtle changes to them to get the right effect. If not done precisely it will throw the entire project off.  Ultimately, my project wasn’t exactly like the video but it was close.

However, this effect was pretty hard to do there a lot of steps that I couldn’t grasp. I attempted to apply the proper effects to my sequence and adjust the presets. I believe I missed a step because when I went for the spark effect my project disappeared when I did a playback.


This warp transition tutorial was very interesting. The instructions were a little fast and hard to keep up with. Everything flowed pretty well and I easily applied the effects where they were needed. I was on the right track up until the “pucker tool” edit. At that point I couldn’t warp the clip at all. Therefore, another edit was botched.


The last tutorial that I attempted was a simple text tutorial. I watched about thirty tutorials throughout the week and most of them were over my head and beyond intermediate levels. I figured this would be a little more basic for me since I struggled mightily with the more advanced tutorials. At first this project was going well with basic text and alignment edits. However, once the tracing aspect came into play that’s when things took a turn and the project wasn’t the same.

Overall this was a frustrating week in after effects. I watched a bunch of tutorials and learned a lot in a week’s time but there is a lot more to learn. I’m still unsure as to why my projects wouldn’t allow me to use certain tools after I clicked on them. Most of the time the project would disappear or the effect would never get activated. Key framing was pretty simple being that its similar to Premiere Pro’s but I struggled with that as well. The biggest adjustment to make was definitely the layers or compositions. It was difficult to navigate through each one so they could connect with the other layers.

I definitely need more practice with it because it’s very much different from Premiere Pro.

my attempts